Guys is a girl who has a bad relationship with her dad a turnoff?

My mom died when I was really little so it was just my brother Andrew, me dad and I. My dad held it together for a while when we were kids but I guess he just cracked. He eventually became an alcoholic so I felt like it was up to me to be the parent.
Things went okay like that for a while but then Andrew moved out for college and I was left alone. My dad got worse and eventually started being mean to me because he knew I wouldn't stick up for myself. It went on like this for a long time. I felt really alone and lost as a kid.
Now I've moved out of the house and live on my own. I still love my dad but we don't talk anymore. I was wondering if this would hinder me with guys. He'd never get to meet my parents, our kids would be missing a set of grandparents, the holidays would be awkward.
I was just wondering if this was a deal breaker for guys


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  • My girlfriend is in almost the exact same situation except her mother left not died. It makes me want to care for her, hold her, keep her happy. definitely not a dealbreaker

    Meeting the parents is a step (I think) most guys wouldn't mind missing ;)

  • In my experience women who have bad father daughter relationships should be steered clear of.

    They are usually SOOOOOO fucked up Lol

    • I'm not some crazy girl who got addicted to drugs because her dad didn't love her. I'm actually really normal, most people don't Even know I've had problems when try talk to me

    • Definitely an exception to the rule then..

  • It won't affect, for a simple meaningless thing


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  • He would be dating you not your family. If that's a deal breaker that's bs and you need someone better anyway.

  • Any guy worth it would never consider this a deal breaker. You were born into your situation. You didn't create it or cause it. Obviously I'm not a guy, but not having a relationship with your dad was necessary for you to survive and flourish as an adult. I wish you the very best of luck!!!