Are girls with average to below-average looking guys really just settling?

What I mean is the following: when a girl is with a guy thats average looking (or below average looking) is it because the guys that she really wants are unavailable? i.e. attractive guys are less likely to commit or have more options available, or possibly feel that they can do better, so the girl settles for a source of stability. Im only asking because no one wants to be with somebody that they have genuine feelings for, knowing that they're what the other person settled for. I've heard so many girls talk about the importane of passion...its depressing knowing that you could never elicit those feelings from someone you really have feelings for and that she secretly does want that "hot" guy that for whatever reason is unavailable.


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  • I had an ugly boyfriend. People used to wonder all the time why I was with him but they never could understand. My ex was different, he wasn't one of those lame ass ugly guys, he had other things to offer than being a pretty boy. he was really masculine, highly respected in his community, pretty popular, very fun, treated me right, and had a huge dick. so just by looking at us together, if you didn't know us you would think I was settling but actually I was very happy to be with him. Could I have gotten a better looking guy? Yeah. Could I have gotten another guy that made me feel like he did? Hmmm... lol Im just saying my ex wasn't perfect but he had personality, a great sex game and was super confident and popular and that combination can make a guy very sexy. an ugly guy has to be spectacular to make up for his poor looks if he wants a gf who isn't ugly and doesn't have to settle

    • Did you feel passion in your relationship with him? To clarify, so you believe that a below average looking guy with other average attributes (personality, job, etc.) can never be truly loved by a non-ugly girl; that she's settling for him and truly wants someone else?

    • Our relationship was heavy on passion. That's the main reason I stayed because the sex was so good.

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  • No, girls are with those "average to below average" guys because they're attracted to them in some kind of way, not always because they "settled." I once liked a guy who, to others, was not very attractive. I thought he was totally hot and his personality is what made me like him even more. People need to start realizing that looks are not everything. A person with an ugly personality will look ugly to me. A person with a beautiful and amazing personality will look, well, beautiful and amazing to me. I don't settle for anyone.

  • Are guys with average to below-average looking girls really just settling?

    Ask yourself that question because the answer is the same

    • I can't speak for other guys, but yes I've had legitimate feelings fot average girls. The girl I was in the longest relationship with was definitely good looking/prob above average attractiveness but not super hot. I loved her more than anything else and it had nothing to do with her looks. I didn't have those feelings for a really hot girl I dated two years prior. And the reason I asked the question is because I dont believe girls and guys are the same... hoping not to offend anyone by saying that.

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  • Yes, they are settling, i am sure if you have a good personality and do things for her she will have relationship with you, just not hot passionate sex