What do you do after you have a good relationship with a girlfreind; what comes next?

So I met a girl and we fell in love and it's amazing to me how hard she fell for me. It's been 2 months and hug and tease and play. I seem to always make her laugh and I really think she loves me. We have kissed but it's nothing gross (no French kissing...). We do text a lot but we don't get a lot of time at school. She seems happy and I am happy but I'd just like to know if I'm doing everything right or if I need to start doing something. Also summer is coming up and I really don't want to leave her...


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  • Just spend time together, stick to your own individuality and goals, why also supporting hers. The rest will take care of itself. Don' tr to force anything, each relationship you will ever have will go at a difference pace.


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  • You should start visiting her at her house this is the next step. Also don't be afraid to have a good make out session mabey. But most importantly make her happy.