Is it normal that everything about your boyfriend annoys you after just a couple months together?

I can't stand it even when he compliments me or does the sweetest things :(


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  • Why would that annoy you? It sounds like he really cares about you and is jjst showing it...

    • I don't know, that's why I feel like a terrible person :/

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    • Well, we spend a lot of time together, maybe that's why? Because sometimes I do feel grateful and giddy but then it feels fake and repetitive when he keeps saying the same things

    • Hearing the same thing over and over would get annoying. Have you ever talked to him and say how much you appreciate the sweet things he does for you, but that sometimes it is repetitive and slightly annoying? If he stopped doing it so much would you be happier? If not it might be time to leave.


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  • Oh yeah definitely normal. Also normal to be miserable after a year, depressed after marriage, hate life in general around the time of your 50th anniversary.


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  • No it is not normal. If you aren't happy in a relationship you shouldn't be in it. Especially because you have only been together a few months. If even the sweet things annoy you, you both are not meant for each other.