What to do with a guy with so much pride?

Hey everyone! So here's my situation...I've been dating a guy for over a year and he's a great guy and I love him to death except for one thing. PRIDE. He is super sensitive about anything that involves his feelings. If I talk to a guy a certain way, I'm flirting. If I tell him no on anything, I'm not supporting him. If I dont cover him immediately if his friends make fun of him, I'm disrespecting him. etc etc...He's the type of guy if at all in any shape or form he feels like he's being disrespected by anyone, he will straight up yell at you, cause a scene, and punch you in the face. All in all a hot head. We have fought so many times over this. I have never met a man in my life where I had to walk on broken glass around just so he doesn't cause a scene. I love the guy and want to work things out but he's just so damn senesitive and takes things so literal and personally he doesn't just think about it, he just goes off his feelings. I don't know what to do without feeling like I'm losing myself, like I can't say what I want to say when I want to without him flipping out. We both have a head strong personality and that for sure makes us love each other as well as butt heads a lot. Advice anyone? Thanks.


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  • Any "hot head" type of person I try to avoid having friendships and especially relationships with.

    Any slight problem and it becomes a shouting match? This is not a sustainable relationship.

    "I don't know what to do without feeling like I'm losing myself, like I can't say what I want to say when I want to without him flipping out. "

    For a strong and healthy relationship there needs to open communication, this is very difficult because no one wants to be "the bad" guy who brings up something they're un happy about but it necessary so that both partners work on the relationship.

    Now in your situation, your "stuck" feeling directly draws from your inability to talk about your needs. Later down the road you will reach your "end" point as we all know problems do not go away, they're always going to be there and unless they are dealt with... it will add to the end of the relationship.

    My advice is to take your stance now and tell him your concerns and what you hope will change in order for this to work. He'll either wake up (which we know he won't when u first bring this up) or throw a temper tantrum and say all sorts of silly over exaggerated remarks which he'll call you later, say he's sorry and confess his love for you.

    IMO: Make for an exit.


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  • You toss him. simple as that. Until he figures his shit out with his ego. Don't try to fix him.. it'll never work

  • That has nothing to do with pride at all. He's a suck hole, plain & simple. Lose him fast, he will make your life miserable & people like him won't change because they can't. It's what they are.


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  • Let him see how life without you feel until he comes to his senses