Girls & Guys; What do you do when you like someone? What are your talltale signs?

This should (hopefully) help some of those confused and crushing!
1.What do you do?
2.How do you act around this person?
3.How would you like them to approach you? Or do you approach them?

1. I smile, stare, and if I'm really comfortable around him I talk alott.
2. Either really shy or bubbly. I'm bubbly around people who i know me.
3. Come up and strike a conversation about something that's happening around us, what I'm doing, or just something you noticed abiut me that fot your attention.
When I approach the guy, it's generally with a question of some sort. Or I just talk about something happening at the time.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If it's a girl, I'd talk to her everyday, look at her all the time, sometimes make her smile, and sometimes stay close to her. :)
    If it's a guy, I' stay away from him, won't look at him, not talk to him, and avoid him at all cost. :/


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  • You have a good strategy... I've never liked a girl by looking, I have to talk to her first. so approaching Used to be my problem. Now, If I like someone, I avoid any and all conversations or topics that lead to them, force of habit.

  • I want to spend time with her and do activities with her.
    I am usually just my goofy natural self
    Does not matter who approaches first, I just hope she would be herself with me and vice versa

  • I really don't have any telltale signs I don't act any differently when I like someone then I do in just general.


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  • I'm very nice to them considering I'm not a very nice person