Guys, why is every single college boy I meet, not looking for a relationship? But then all around me my friends are getting boyfriends wtf?

college sucks for dating cause you can't find a guy who wants to be in a relationship at least i can't, so i hookup with guys and try and have a good time while im single. But it seriously upsets me how people spring up in relationships, like how is that even possible where do you even find guys that what to date someone and why can't i find them?


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  • Your problem is that you're hooking up. See, you can't go work for Statefarm if you already work for Sprint. It's either one or the other, but not both. Do you think a guy will wanna be in a relationship with you when he hears from other people that you hooked up with one guy this weekend, and with another the previous weekend? No. The image he has from you is that you just want to hookup, and not a relationship.

    So, so far as you keep hooking up, you'll keep attracting guys that just want to hookup. Once you stop with that, and focus on finding a relationship, you'll start to find guys that also look for that.


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  • You're looking too hard and in the wrong places.

  • Coming from a college age guy, it's because girls are so willing to just fuck the hot guys and not go after the guys who would be willing to get into relationships.