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hi i am just wondering if anyone can shed some light on my situation, i was seeing this guy around Christmas time, after been friends for a year or so, we began to talk more and became really close emotionally, eventually we went out a few times, everything was brilliant we got on so well lots of flirting, then out of know where he says that he's not in the right place for anything this serious, and says he has to let me go, bare in mind i knew what i was getting myself into i knew he has a commintment problerm he told me he was scared and that i am the furthest he's took it with a gir, anyway back to the story, he phoned me and said he wasn't in the right place for anything this serious, i got really upset i have invested so much of my heart into him, after that phone call he basically cut all contact he wouldn't speak to me he's blocked me on whatsapp i even sent him a Christmas card and present ( got it before i knew he would hurt me) i got no thanks or anything. 3 months later i am still so heart brokeing that he has treat me like crap when i really cared for him when he was sick and also he knew the way i felt about him, i feel so low my self confidence has gone i can't even look at another lad i am so closed of from social situations, i have let myself go i cry every night it really is the worst, i think to myself what have i done so wrong to be treat like nothing by him. when he give me so much false hope and i thought he cared about me. has he got scared and ran away or is it me? please any advice on my situation will help ? everyone says he will regret hurting me like he has but im not so sure

None of these questions are really helping me I need proper advice :)


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  • Maybe he is just scared to be in a relationship. I am 15 and I am scared to be in one because I can't be a good boyfriend in entertaining sense.


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  • I would guess he has a different girl on his radar and you were "back-burner girl."

    Don't let it discourage you. Move on and live and love.

  • U didn't give a crap about him that's not a man


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