How should I win him back?

Me and My Boyfriend broke up cause of distance relationship.. I actually broke up.. I loved him really much, and he loved me back... Until I just saw a conversation that his friend showed me, him asking if his friends "Hot" sister could join them in a game..
That pissed me off, I was jealous and I wasn't thinking clearly.. I still love him though, I've hurt him, I've done wrong, but I still want him back. I thought that the break up would help both of us.. I was wrong.. last night I've sent him 2 texts explaining him why I've done it and If he could ever forgive me at least., I just want to know If i should wait or move on..


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  • i guess you're overreacting basically... he didn't do anything sexual on that girl...:-)

    • Ik, he still lied to me about some things.. and I still forgave him

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  • Move on baby girl. Long distance relationships rarely work out because of the lack of physical intimacy. And I don't mean just sex. But kissing, holding hands, cuddling, etc. All those things you aren't able to do are going to wear your relationship down to where either you, or your bf look for it from someone else.