Girls, should I keep going?

She's sweet, cute and friendly. But again, it takes her 3-15 minutes to reply to every text. Every time I ask her, she's always chatting with 3 or 4 other people at the same time she's chatting with me. And weird enough, she chats with her Ex too everyday. She said that they are very good buddies but he recently confessed to her that he still likes her, she told him she has moved on but when I asked if she's confused about her feelings for him, she said she doesn't know. We're not dating or anything, it's just getting to know about each other, but do you think that there's any chance? Does she seem interested? And should I keep going?



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  • What the... of course not! Those all seem like problems to me. Too many. Why would anybody want to have problems BEFORE the actual relationship?

    • I guess you're right...


  • U should talk to other people too bc what if she likes both u and her ex and leaves u stranded. Id be texting someone else because you might be left in the dust. Don't let it happen to you. But I do hope she likes u tho:)

    • I don't know if I can talk to other girls at the same time, in the pre-dating sense I mean. I hope she makes up her mind very soon. I will talk to her but I will back off a little bit just to be safe.

      Thanks for your opinion! :)