How can I show my intentions on my crush when we're dating if Im friendzoned?

There is a 60-70% chance im friendzoned by my crush. Is there a way to show her Im interested in her while we date and not creep her out? Maybe attract her too.

I meant when we are out on a date, not that we are actually dating.


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  • Well sometimes you just have to be really friendly and ease into it if you're friendzoned. I recently have put someone in your exact position... so I know how this goes... What you need to do is just hang out with her, if you guys are friends, become BETTER friends and then she might actually fall for you. It's easy to fall for someone you're already friends with, so just invite her to hang out a lot, but keep it casual at first and talk to her a lot and just become super close. Yeah, it's very difficult to be friendzoned. I actually friendzoned by ex boyfriend WHILE WE WERE DATING. Also, maybe she is just extra good at being all buddy buddy and gives you the impression that you're friendzoned just because that's how she is. I do that. If I like someone, I do everything in my power to make sure that he doesn't know that I like him. Don't worry, if you really like her then be really good friends and you can sort of 'date' while not really dating. Offer to carpool to things and be really casual. That won't creep her out at all.

    • Well I hope Im not but she I can't figure out anyways. A month ago she used to tell me about how things were going on with her crush and that they kissed. This has stopped now and I hear this "you know me very well" occasionaly... she has even told me she loves me in front of our friends (not saying its a sign)... How could i know if im friendzoned lol

    • Well, see how she treats you comparatively to her other guy friends assuming she has other guy friends. If she treats you somehow better or different then she may consider you a "special friend"(that's sort of a weird way to put it but you know what I mean) Also, see how she treats you alone vs with other people. You could always ask mutual friends about it, but only if you wouldn't mind it getting back to her. Cheers!
      ~Panda Graciosa

    • II can't even figure if im considered a special friend or a best friend. and also if I ask a mutual friend, is it a sure things she's gonna know it? Even if I ask him/her not to say.


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  • Wait what. If you're dating you're not friend zoned.


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  • wait have you two dated before or still are dating? because if so then how are you friendzoned?

    • no i meant get her out on a date. not that we are actually dating.

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    • She doesn't talk about him now... they kissed that month ago I was talking about but it seems that was it... Yeah i want to ask her out!

    • they kissed? ouch. make your move soon son, I think the timing is near right, since she doesn't talk or mention him.

  • Honestly? No. Not without rumors.

    • What do you mean?

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    • pole vault

    • Oh that isn't going to happen man.