Is there any chance for a shy girl like me? Can you give me pointers on how to flirt respectfully?

I am shy. Extremely shy when it comes to attractive guys. I just want some tips on how some of you girls go up to guys confidently and flirt with him. Even hideous girls ( not trying to be mean but not pointing anyone out) get lucky.
I might not look it but I'm normally with other girls at a party and chatting to them instead of sauntering up to a guy.
So how do you get over your shyness and how do you flirt without looking thirsty?


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  • Just say this...

    YOU: "Which would you rather eat: 20 pounds of bricks or a matterbaby?"
    HIM: "What's a matterbaby?"
    YOU: (flirty) "Nothin', what's the matter with you?"

    I heard that joke for the first time yesterday. (If anybody doesn't get the joke, "What's a matterbaby?" sounds like "What's the matter, baby?")

    • But honestly, just go up to a guy and say "Hi, my name's ____. What's your name?" and extend your hand.

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  • "... on how some of you girls go up to guys confidently and flirt with him."

    Lol, I wasn't aware girls did this. I was under the impression they flirted from afar for a couple minutes until the guy came over to her or she gave up and proceeded to ignore the guy.

  • just be yourself and dont involve in any flirting unwillingly.. let other begin and then get into flow

  • From your questions and answers on here, you struck me as a very outgoing and comfortable type of girl?

  • Just be you and dudes will be interested, laugh at shit jokes and be enthusiastic in the conversation... I'm interested because you used the words hideous and thirsty! lmao


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  • Hmm just give him extra attention than others