How could I improve my chances of being successful in the world of dating?

i'm seriously not having any luck at all and not really sure how to go about trying to chance this for the better ? any thoughs on how i could be more successful in this area ?


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  • What's your image like, do you make the effort including staying in shape? Girls love shoulders man, when I'm lifting I get more attention. Are you a viable option, as in financially and lifestyle wise, do you have your own place and can you afford to show her a good time? Those are kinda the main things even though lots of people don't like to admit it. Personality is complex and tricky to advise on, beyond being well mannered and enthusiastic, open and funny etc.

    • I've been going to this gym for a few months now , I realised it might of been an issue and gives me something to do as well. I'm not really a big guy but healthy and have lots of energy. I've been single for a while so I have a lot of money saved up cause I've had no one to spend anything on or take out anywhere , I wonder if some of these girls knew how much money I had just sitting in the bank if they really just keep rejecting me for no reason? I've never really had my own house , always rented a room or stayed at parents who own a small duplex/apartment building and have a room there. personality is hard to figure out if girls like mine or not? sometimes they have to warm up to me before they get more attached

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    • The more available girls around the better your chances, it's good you're preparing!

    • its tough to find anyone to date around here this time of year , cause all the 20 something girls are far away at college. I know many attractive girls who lived in this same small town and all of them are away at school its very frustrated cause there always away at school and you miss out on the chance to date them. however some might be more open to idea when they do eventually come back home. I also meet some other girls at a country bar in nearby city I go to sometimes but nothing really ever goes anywhere they either lose interest or live to far away or find another guy.

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  • women love me who are spontaneous. If she works surprise her at her break with a lunch. Take her on creative dates and really get to know her. Try not to rush anything, let her fall in love with you.


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  • Be attractive, 6 ft tall, confident, and outgoing.