Ignored for 2 weeks? Confusion afterwards?

Simply a lady I was dating for a month dissapeared for 2 weeks. Resurfaced apologizing and saying ( briefly it was a really long detailed message ) she had some personal problems/ news arise, was really messed up/confused in the head atm and not a good person to date right now, and I just said she can have her space and I walked away, both on good terms ( she is young/20 ).Saw her out 5-6 weeks later with a group of her friends, but when we made eye contact she would look away, any ideas what she might of been thinking ? I thought she just brushed me off with a polite bullshit story, though maybe there was some truth to it

I assumed she lost interest, but was surprised she didn't even say hi, personality wise we got along great, and she is not the type to be rude


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  • she felt awkward.

    • Just surprised she was quiet, it was really un-dramatic when we went our own ways, and I moved on/let her be...

    • Yeah, I always assumed if you got along well with someone, but were not interested anymore it was easy to talk to them

    • sometimes.

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