Anyone here heard of Real Social Dynamics (RSD)? what do you think of them? those guys Tyler and Julien especially?

especially a few months ago, Julien Blanc, started an international controversy and he got banned from a few countries because of his methods for meeting, approaching women, but anyway, is RSD in general a great source to use in order to get better at meeting and talking to women, attracting them?


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  • It's a great way to *harass* women :/

  • I think some of the PUA theories and philosophies are fantastic and encourage shy guys to be more confident and just give talking to a woman a real go.

    On the other hand, I find the PUA attitude to be quite needlessly aggressive in some areas, and designed to take advantage of some of women's vulnerabilities such as the parts based around 'removing the woman from the group' and the like - its a bit indecent


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  • Despite what everyone is going to say Pick up stuff is actually not bad for helping you meet women. As long as you have some decent social skills its a good tool to have. Though I wouldn't take everything they say to heart