Girls, where should we go?

So I'm asking this girl out on a date, and im wondering where we should go. It is a first date, but at the same time, it's kind of not.
Let me explain:
We've known each other for like a year now (so we're really comfortable with each other), so now I just need to find a nice place to take her.
She's your stereotypical southern (notice I said southern, not redkneck (yes there is a difference)) white girl.
P.S. We're both in high school and can't drive so it'll be like a "Parents drop us off" kind of deal.


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  • Avoid going out to eats meal because girls usually get nervous and uncomfortable eating in front of a boy they like. Since it's a first date, you should ask her what she's like to do. But, it's also cool if you have the date planned because girls like that. Go out to the movies followed by a small meal like a coffee grab. The most important thing is that you two get to talk to each other and get know each other more. So maybe just walking around a park or being in an isolated place (where you two can be alone and talk) will do good (over coffee or something).


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  • Go get some ice cream?

  • I would say maybe the movies or out to a cafe i guess & get something to eat. Its also always good to ask her where she would like to go because then she feels as though your also considering her choices as well.