Girls, should I start dating or what?

I have been single for nine months and I dont know if i should start datng or be single. help please. and i have o girl in my mind. so please help.

^i have NO girl in my mind**


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  • If you're not sure, then you're probably not ready yet. It's been 9 months, so take your time until you feel like you are sure you want someone new in your life. In my opinion, if you have to ask if you should start dating or not it means you shouldn't. 'Cause to be honest, if you were ready you didn't have to ask.

    By the way, getting over someone takes time, one person needs a month while another needs two years. Take your time.

    • you are right.. but sometime i feel alone and want to start dating and sometime I feel like being single is the best thing to do...

    • Yeah I understand, but feeling lonely doesn't get solved by getting into a relationship. That person has their own life and won't be there 24/7. If you feel lonely my advice would be to get out there and make some friends who you can hangout with. Relationships will come in time.

      Good luck!


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  • If you're unsure about whether or not you should start dating, it means you shouldn't.

  • You have a girl on your mind. Seems clear that you should start dating to me.

  • If you have a girl in mind that you'd be interested to date then you should start dating again.

  • Date when you feel like and ready to date someone, or else, you'll mess up the whole relationship.