Boyfriend and other guy?

Okay so here's the deal. Im dating someone and im really happy with them, but then this other guy comes in and starts "flirting" with me. I dont think he is, but a couple of my friends say he is. He's a really chill person, and I like to talk to him, but only as a friend. He compliments me from time to time, and I dont think thats flirting. Its just being nice. We started talking on Facebook and he gave me his number and told me to text him, but I dont know if I should. Is it a bad idea??


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  • ifvhe didn't like you then he'd not give you a nmber... nO?


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  • if your already involved with someone i think u should leave the other guy in the friendzone but keep his number and if he gets all flirting just let him know u are already occupied with someone else i mean u wanna have two guys chasing after u that looks messy on your end.

    • Yeah I keep hinting that I only like him as a friend, but I dont know if he's getting it...

  • Seriously? You have a bf or does that mean nothing to you?


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