Bf just started playing online game (league of legends) and stopped contacting me as much? why isn't he contacting. much?

He started playing this week and plays game after game all day!He also stopped contacting me as he addicted to the game?Why is he not contacting me?is it that hard to send a text??


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  • That's not uncommon. I remember back when I got a video game called Skyrim after loving the previous games. I lived with a girlfriend at the time, I was lost to her for a few months due to that game.

    It annoyed her a little too, as I was dead to the world for that time; however she tried to include herself a bit in the decision making and character creation and that made it a bit more fun for the both of us with the story at least. So that managed to work out.

    In any case, he is likely wholly consumed as that game is fast-paced requires constant concentration (because you cannot pause, there will be no text responses) and individual games can last 20 minutes to an hour. And there is no such thing as playing "1 more game..."

    You can attempt to integrate yourself by playing the game with him? I'm sure he would like that, however only if you're willing to actually try to learn the game. He won't have fun playing with you if you're not having fun.


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  • Because league is like crack... Community full of a bunch of touchy feely "omg you are toxic yelling little kids." Probably tbh because he's grinding trying to get to the point of understanding the game or trying to get to the point where he can play ranked.

    • Oh and on this. Us games as stated by another will go into hiding sometimes just playing the games... Depends on how you feel about it. At least he isn't cheating on you?

  • Online games do that to relationships. One solution I think of is for you to play with him, remind him of how good it feels to be talk to you.

  • League of legends games can last for like an hour per game and only have like 2 min in between games. U might have to go over to his house instead lol


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  • Has he ever been a gamer in the past?

    This is normal for gamers

    • Yea years ago he used to be addicted to. another online game:(

    • Well then it's normal for him. My boyfriend is a gamer and since I understand video games and like them myself it doesn't bother me to much. Also he'll try and text me back between playing