Im lost I don't know wht to do?

im in need of help see i like this girl and she wants to date but not now because we can't see eachother really, and i have to make up credits to go back but she's moving away and by the time i get back to the school she'll have left already and i dont know what to do i just love her so much i dont want to lose her i love her too much

i need a girls help on this one
her mom hates where we live but they aren't the most financially secure family thats why she might stay but who knows


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  • You gotta confess man. If you keep it inside you and she leaves before you do it will wreck you. Anyways you have to talk to her. As I see from your profile you live in US. If she moves in another state or town well it won't be really difficult to meet her when you two grow up.

    • i told her and she wants to stay too butt her mom is making her leave

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    • dont worry man.. dont stress it too much. cheer up. i hope it will go as you want!

    • me too haha