How can I show him I'm serious about him?

I feel he just sees me as a party girl. I want to show him there's more to me. We have been on a few dates. he's told me that Im a cool girl to hangout with and thinks we hit it off. But I just don't want to do the drunken hooking up only anymore. I do like him! How do I bring this up? I know Im kind if to blame for setting it up this way because I'll drunk text him or tell him about my crazy drinking nights... What do I do?


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  • Do the opposite of what you just said you do. Also since you're gettin To know eachother try to have a tactful conversation of your future expectation as far as relationships are concerned and hint (the only time I'd advice hinting) that you're looking to shed the party scene and move on to another stage in your life.


What Girls Said 1

  • Easiest way would be to tell him.