She told me to never MySpace, text, or call her again because our friendship is over!

OK, I've been talking to this girl for about a week, OK, (she talks to a lot of dudes)she told me she was feeling me and I told her I was feeling her! One night we was on the phone and I mentioned something about another liking me and I don't know which way to go, and she got mad and she said "Let one of them other girls be lucky and have you, day probably never had no one as real as you anyway! maybe ill get another chance with you, sweetheart (which is her nickname) will still be here for you! so I text back and she didn't respond! so the next day, I found out the whole time she was talking to me, she was going out with this other boy, and that made me mad, so I was like bump, I'll just find me another girl. When she found out I had another girl, she was mad, she told me to never MySpace, text, or call her again because our friendship is over! My question is why are you mad because I didn't go out wit you while you were going with this other boy! whats going o with this chick?


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  • shes obviously confused. she has feelings for you and she might have dumped her boyfriend for you if you had been leading her on... but its harsh for a girl to hear that there's "another girl" and you can't really make a choice... no girl wants to feel like the guy they want has to make a choice over her and someone else. she wants you to not doubt a second that she's the one you want. so that's why she's mad. she's proud and hurt.

  • Some girls like to have tons of guys, but if any of the guys they show interest in have another girl, they're instantly mad. They like the main attention.


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