hy doesn't she reply to my texts, or my calls, I don't get it..

Okay, me and my ex dated for 2 years. She left me 1 week after our 2 year anniversary. Its been 6 months now, I'm doing a lot better, but I have up and down days, Ill be fine for example 2-5 days of the weeks, and like a couple days all be all depressed, and ill starts calling her and texting her. But she doesn't reply. She's with another guy now.. Well she left me for another guy, and I don't understand what she sees in him, like I don't get it. Every1 says let it go, but I cant, I don't know what's keeping me in this state of mind.. Why doesn't she reply to my texts, or my calls, I don't get it.. (ladies) if you left your boyfriend after 2 years, and he chased you for 6 months and said everyday I love you, why would you leave him? And I don't get it cause I didn't do anything wrong in our relationship. I don't get it.


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  • Brother I am in the same boat. I was with her 4 years, and I would get drunk because I was so upset and send emotional emails/texts and never hear back from her. She isn't dating, but I hear she's quite the hookup queen (don't know it for a fact, but she loves attention). She always flirts with the man whores who she knows are jerks, but she still eats it alive. It's been 6 months for me also. I have great days, then I have bad days (today of which is one). I packed up and moved to my home city, out of state, 450 miles away so I didn't have to deal with it everyday. Left my job, left my friends, left my life really.. This girl destroyed me and doesn't even seem to care. She's always out partying all the time, gets Facebook f***ed by all these guys (probably do her in person too) and just has seemed to completely have forgotten about me. She was never hot, never popular, never had friends. I introduced her to get friends, she started working out and trying to look good.. and now all the sudden she thinks because of all this new-found attention she's better than me. I treated her like a queen and can bet you any dollar amount that no one will ever treat her the same ever. But for some reason, she didn't want me anymore. It's almost like she's making up for all the things she's lacked all her life. Pseudo popularity. They will get hurt, they will fall on their faces, they will regret their decisions.


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  • If she loved you, the way you say you love her, then she wouldn't have left you. She's not responding to your calls/texts because she has moved on. I wouldn't suggest calling or texting her any more. You seem not only desperate but stalkerish and she might end up hating you.

    At this moment, your whole life was her. Right? Every memory you have, she's in it. Right? Well, remember that everyday you'll create a new memory, and everyday will get easier.

    I promise. Something similar happened to me, except it was about 5 years. I reminded myself everyday that it would get easier. A year after not speaking to each other, we found ourselves to be friends now :)


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  • Here's where the masculinity comes into play - Guys tend to think "why does it matter"

    She left you and is with someone else- good. She is happy. Who needs to ramble on a story forever? Men are very punctual. She is gone, end of story.

    It sucks, but filling your time might help:

    - Work, School, social life, etc

    Good luck,


  • I don't know your full story, but one fact I do know is that she BROKE UP with you to get AWAY from you. Put yourself in her shoes and then ask yourself why she'd want to leave you after being hounded for 6 months.

    You should have left her alone after the breakup. Let her experience life with the decision that she made. It's too late for that so how about now you start thinking about someone other than yourself? Instead of trying to get her back (what you want), why don't you just try to get to know her again? Stop contacting her all the time, stop telling her you love her...just get to know her again. If it hurts too much to take this route it is time to move on. You can't force her to come back to you - you can only take actions to make yourself more attractive to her.