He was the one that started kissing me. help!

so me and this boy went out 2 years ago for about 6 months but then hi mom said we couldn't see each other for 2 years. we kept in touch through e-mail and MySpace and stayed pretty good friends and we saw each other like 3 times in between and every time it seemed as if we still liked each other. we acted the same as we did when we were together. but the other day I was at his house and we were making out and being really close and suddenly he just stopped kissing me and said "i don't like you the way I used to" so what I am wondering is what I should do. like are we still aloud to be friends? and what should I say to him. it just seems so awkward now but I still want to be his really good friend. but I don't know because I mean I don't feel the same either I just want to be his friend. he was the one that started kissing me. help! I'm so confused.


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  • First of all check if he is with some other girl...

  • Ouch! I mean I commend his effort for using a kiss to see if he still feels the same way for you. I'd say you could still be friends, but I think any kind of relationship of a romantic nature is out of the question.


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