Should I just move on?

So I confessed to a guy I liked over text (am too scared to say it in real life). He also told me that he likes me back. But when my friends asked him why he hasn't asked me out yet he said that he wasn't ready for a relationship yet. SO I kinda got rejected there, but then again I never asked him out I just confessed my feelings towards him. Should I just move on now or what? I honestly dont know what to do at the moment and am stuck. And I was wondering, Is he going to move on from me or get stuck like me as well?


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  • He said he likes you talk to him


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  • Yeah this is a tough one... you guys are so young he may just not want to get tied down right now. I say do you, and maybe when the time is right you guys can get together, otherwise he may be apt to cheat or not be fully invested to get into a relationship before he is ready.