Girls, do black girls REALLY like white guys or is that just something to make the world seem not racist?

i just wanted to know because i see white girls and mexican(me) girls dating black boys but not black girls dating them back.


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  • Well I only speak for myself. But I mostly date black guys because that's what I prefer. But I see that a lot of black girls on here date outside of their race. So to answer your question, Yes. Black women are starting to look for love outside of their race. There lot of black women like white men, I am not saying all of them.
    But lot of them don't talk about dating outside their race like white women do. Again, this is all from my experience. I hope I answered your question☺️❤️

  • I'm so f*cking sick of reading these questions...

    Can we just STOP assuming all people of one particular race only like one particular type of person? Jesus - have you people not ever heard of INDIVIDUALS before?