What are his intentions with me?

well we met and we had chemistry we talked he said he wanting to know everything so i told him a little about me we like the same music so at the end of the date i kissed ,he asked me on a second date today and said if we could play around like make out all that except sex,so what up is he moving too fast or what?


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  • Yes, he is moving too fast. He shouldn't actually be asking you about making out. I mean, usually it happens or it doesn't, but you don't negotiate that before the date.

    So, if you want a relationship and you want to see that this guy is serious and avoid ending up in bed with him and finding out afterwards he wasn't that in to you, you need to slow this down. A guy who is in to you will have no problem waiting to make out or have sex. They are having so much fun hanging with you and seeing you that waiting for sex isn't a deal breaker. In fact, a guy who is really in to you will be afraid of losing you by being too pushy.


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  • no. doesn't seem fast to me.

    seems like he after a real relationship with you.

    ~dont caps all your letters

    ~dont caps your questions or (all letter caps)answers.


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  • not really considering a lot of people take the 3rd date as ok to have sex, however I must tell you some people get ripped on here for using capitol letters like that it means your shouting so try to remember this, hope this helps :)

  • Um he asked you if you could play around? I don't know it sounds to me that he might not want anything serious, just want to hook up. If you just met and it's only been the 2nd date he should be wanting to get to know you and not be so worried about the physical. If he sees you in his life for more than a fling, why would he ask about hooking up, eventually you'd hook up later if he was thinking long term right?