Can a relationship work with someone you meet on a dating site?

Well, I have met a great guy via a dating site. He messaged me, we exchanged a few msgs before swapping numbers. In the beginning I didn't really text him much, but then we arranged to go on a date, we did and it was great, we got on like we had known each other years. we text lots since then and went on another date a few days later, he seems really into me and I'm def liking him.

he hadn't been on the dating site since our 1st date but he went on 2 days ago, I asked if he had been on and he was honest with me and said he had just to have a look?! he also said he had had a look for mine, he then logged on today also, which he told me about and said a friend had messaged him.

I'm now thinking, is he still chatting to girls on it? I've said about deleting both of our profiles and he said he will, he just hasn't got round to it yet.

i guess what I'm asking is, can trusting relationships develop from someone you have met via a dating site? and should I be worried that he has been on his in the last 2 days? :-(


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  • My aunt and uncle met on a dating site about 7 years ago. Dated, were married a year later and just had their 3rd child. They are both very attractive people, and just have expressed they had a harder time meeting people in bars and through friends. Online dating allowed them to see their compatibility with each other before a relationship started. They are one of the happiest, most loving couples I've ever seen. Sure you want to see what kind of interest people have in you. That's human nature. At least it's not destructive like my ex girlfriend, who is a Facebook whore. Don't worry. You just have to have faith, be optimistic. The law of attraction is the most powerful in the universe. Believe it will happen, and it will. Just set some boundaries about the website if you two do in fact engage in a relationship.

    • Thats great! Its given me some hope :) I really do want it to work with this guy, but with past experiences (my ex boyfriend went on datin sites while he was with me) has made me have a little bit of doubt about this new guy. I guess I cnt say much as we aren't togther yet, and he was honest with me and told me he had been on, which my ex never used to. Do you think I am probably worryin over nothing?

    • Honesty is the best policy. I don't think you have anything to worry about

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  • i know this couple who met on eharmony and they just got married. =) they dated for about a year or something but I think that it can work. Just make sure that you are able to talk to them on the phone because if you cant, how will you ever be able to meet in person.

  • My good friend was searching for a serious relationship and run into one dating site called behappy2day. Now he is on his vacations and is visiting, as he told, his future bride and her family. So both appeared to be serious. So I also think it works )))