So I'm like obsessed with this girl than last night I somehow get to sit at table with her and have little to say?

i've known this girl who works at pub in town for a couple years now and somewhat obsessed with her , but our friendship is sort of odd and i also know a few of the other girls she works with including her best friend and an older sister . i haven't really talked to her a lot , last night i ran into her and her best friend and talked to them and at some point was sitting rate across from her at a table and talking to her gf most of the time although talked to her a little bit but didn't really have a lot to say to her at the time and wonder why as i think about her a lot and maybe not prepared for a real life chance to chat with her as it wasn't expected , any thoughs on this ? how could i improve my conversations with her when i do see her ?


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  • Ask about her interests.


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  • It's as simple as small talk which should progress to flirting.

    But if you're too shy to even do that consistently then you're kind of fucked.

    I get that beautiful women are intimidating but they want to be arpund someone interesting and can make them laugh every now and then.


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