Girls, interracial relationships?

What are your thoughts on black guts dating white girls. What y'all girls look for? And how the attraction works.


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  • I don't really care.

    Interracial dating only bothers me when the person dating out is only doing so, because of self-hatred or the fact that he believes all negative stereotypes associated with his race.

    If it's strictly because he's open-minded and not specifically hunting for someone because of their skin, then i tend to be less passionate on the subject.

    I love seeing different races together instead of seeing racial division/suppression.


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  • I don't really care. I mean, what does it really matter? You're a different color. So? Not a big deal.

  • White guy+black girl= white guy+white girl=black guy+white girl=black guy+black girl
    In summary, its like dating with a human.

  • I'm tired of hearing about black guys with white girls. It's just old and tired. I would like to see more black girls dating out. it would be nice to feel desired

    • Are you black?

    • Yes, I am black. I'm sick and tired of hearing about white girls and black guys.. it's like we (black women) don't exist

    • nah I'm I definitely disagree... I love all women. I've never discriminated only because I wasn't bought up that way. No one can help who they are attracted to... or love... Most of my friends be like man you need to go back to your roots... like that shit is childish. I love all girls... my bestfriend is a black girl... I'm Dominican... and appear as a black dudE. She ALWAYS supports the fact that any and everyone should be happy with whoever makes you happy. Point blank!