Does he want me to be his girlfriend?

We haven't gone on a date yet because he is currently away for the long weekend. I know he likes me but it's kind of complicated with us. I am attracted to him but I am also hesitant at first. He asked me out on Valentine's but then canceled on me due to work. He never reschedule either and I wasn't impressed. I decided to cut him loose. We are on an ok basis, he work next door so we still talk. He invited me to his birthday 2 weeks ago and I told him I was busy. He was persistent but I decline. Anyway, he fixed my car without charging me labour cost and he asked me out again. I hesitate and said I was busy. I regretted later on and decided to make up for things. I bought him a bottle of wine for his bday and apologise for not being there. He's very happy and we talk more and he told me the reason he never reschedule was because he thought I was upset. Anyway, he asked me out again and he makes lots of future plan for us. He wants to take me sky diving, jet skiing, travelling and even suggested that I should come over to his new place to cook when the place is ready. But since he's been overseas over the long weekend I have not heard from him. I thought it was a little weird. So what do you guys think?


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  • I think he just likes you, but he's certainly looking for a long term relationship. If you are too then let him know you like him, but need some time to figure things out. If he understands then he's probably a good guy and you should at least have a coffee date or lunch date just to feel him out and see what kind of person he is. Remember to be honest and communicative. Good luck.


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  • He might. Ask him out yourself.