Why do I keep getting bored after 3 days of dating people?

I'm a 16 bi girl and I wanted to know if anybody could help me figure out why I keep getting bored of my relationships. I will start to go out with a guy/girl and it will be great then after a few days I just get bored and start to avoid them hoping they'll let us fall apart. But I hate being single so it doesn't make sense. As soon as one relationship is over I start going out with someone new and it's the exact same way. I can't figure out why I hate being single but keep getting bored of the people I date.


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  • Well your still young and your testing the waters on who you really want to date, nothing really wrong with this and the good side is, if the guy/girl is depressed afterwords, it won't be to any extreme lengths as if you had dated months/years, maybe a few hours and done.


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  • Well, if your getting bored with a guy just after 3 days then your not bi nor straight but your gay. Your just not getting what you want. Don't worry it happens. Try dating with a broader range and try girls. It should work. You want p**** and not the real stuff.

  • 16 and bi-sexual, have you ever had any sexual trauma? Ok, I know you just said no but I am going to ask again, have you ever had ANY sexual trauma. Is it possible that you date someone just to get their acceptance, and then, before they can hurt you like [insert name here] did, you drop them?

    I could be wrong. And I would hope so, but if you really want to figure it out, therapy is an effective way of evaluating these things.


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  • i don't think ur ready for relationships yet... I had that problem up until I met my current boyfriend. you need to find someone for you, who makes you laugh. who can entertain you. and who adores you. then you won't get bored of them. and if you think you do, just give it another like,.. week or something ull be surprised how nice a long relationship can be.