Was I a three year rebound girlfriend?

My three year boyfriend broke up with me and asked if we could stay friends. I'm not really down for this because I know how much it bothered me that he was friends with all his ex's so I tired the best I could but realized that I wanted "the next girl" to have a chance and not bring in any "baggage" for her or myself in my next relationship. He and I had a good relationship, we talked about moving in together, marriage, kids, you name it.

It's been months now and I heard that he "hooked up" with his ex? They dated for two years and were broken up for about four months before he met me. They had a good relationship as well from what he has told me and he always knew that he could go back to her, because she confessed that she still loved him, a year after we had been dating. (His response to this was that he was happy with what he had and would always be her friend) Not sure if they back together but they "hooked up".

Is it possible that I was a rebound girlfriend that he had to get over his ex? Or is it a case of blue balls syndrome?


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  • Have you considered maybe that he doesn't take relationships lightly and that he does seriously respect the women he has been with? It seems to me like he really enjoyed the both of you and that he doesn't want to lose you as friends. And let's be honest, If you love someone and the plate is clear there is no real reason that you shouldn't consider them in the future.. however some people don't like re-entering a relationship.. apparently this guy felt like he had the balls to do so... If it's hard to be his friend then tell me.. If his reaction is respectful than maybe you should reconsider him and his condolences. If his reaction is irrational than maybe you're better off not knowing what goes on in his personal/love life let alone being his true friend.

    • Wups... lol "If it's hard to be his friend then tell HIM*" sorry haha


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  • I think in the beginning you might have been but after 3 years he must of had strong feelings for you. Its best you done stay friends with him because its going to hurt you. Just forget about him for know intill you are over him then maybe later on you guys can be friends.

  • could be either...