Why are there so few girls from smaller towns on dating sites?

i noticed this when I decided to check it out and its one of the bigger and free dating sites yet there didn't seem to be many of any girls on it and was a lot of the same ones who were on last year when I did a search before , and only the odd person I knew like saw the sister of a now ex girlfriend there . but really for a town of 18,000 there wasn't much there and I wondered why as there seemed to be a lot more users for other areas ?


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  • Here's how it breaks down:

    Image that 10% of the population is single. In New York City, that's about 700,000 singles. But in my city of 80,000, there are only 8,000 singles.

    Now, imagine that 10% of the singles use internet dating. In NY, that's 70,000 people. In my city, it's only 800 people.

    And on most dating sites, about 60 to 70% of the users are men.

    These numbers are hypothetical, but I hope I've made it a little clearer for you.


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  • in small towns people are more connected and its almost like everybody knows everybody. we don't have to utilize dating sites as much because its so easy to find a bf. if you're single usually a friend of a friend knows somebody, you meet someone...we have more word-of-mouth references which I trust more than just meeting somebody cold off a website.


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  • Small-town girls are amazing, obviously they're not going to have trouble getting boyfriends.

    • There are single girls here but not really online for whatever reasons