New work, New girl?

Hi so this is the situation, I've recently started a new job at a cafe and there's this girl lets call her Mkenna who works at a shop close by and sometimes comes in at lunch. I dont know her well enough to be crushing on her but i think she's really pretty and so far we've had good back and forths, i want to see if this goes anywhere by asking her out but the good back and forth stuff could just be her being friendly so I don't know. The way i see it i have 3 options, i can ask her out soon, i can wait a while or a long time, or i can never attempt to see if this leads anywhere, so my question is in your opinions what should i do and if you guys and girls think i should just go for it any advice on any cute ways to do it, to up my chances?

  • ask her out soon
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  • ask her out after some time has past
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  • Dont ask her out at all
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  • Don't shit where you eat.

    • best advice play it safe cause you lost a customer if she dont like you