Should I keep dating girls until I find one?

It seems like it was desperate.


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  • You should just love yourself and let love find you


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  • No you should not becus you obviously have no interest in this girl you just want to pass time and you should not lead her one because your not satisfied with her

    • Thanks.

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    • I've been fell in love so much from a girl who has a boyfriend and didn't choose me. I've dated a girl I like but it seems she doesn't like me at all. ITS ENOUGH haha. I'll just think for myself first.

    • We all go through wrong people to find the right ones.

  • You don't necessarily have to date them. Just get to know them and be friends, you'll then see how they're like, their ways and if they're the one you should actually be dating

    • I've dated a girl I like and stayed friends first. But she ignores and never replies to my messages.

    • Some girls are ungrateful. Don't waste your time on this chick. There's always more fish in the sea

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