Guys, why is he ignoring me?

he has never left wen upset, he never lets me sleep upset. he gets upset if i were to ignore him so no matter how upset i am i dont leave. we promised each other not too. this is the first time he just ignores me. he even put a post on fb that he was sad. i just miss him I've known him for a year and we have been dating for 3 months he's 20. what shud i do? why is he suddenly being cold. it can't be losing interest because he says he wants to move in with me. what are your thoughts


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  • He's sulking. We do that if we don't get our own way


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  • There can be many reasons.
    Chances are you 2 havn't been the same since the relationship happened.
    -He's too shy to ask you something, a very depressing trait.

    -You aren't doing something he's asked you to, a very selfish trait.

    -He's staying away from you so you'd care more, maybe he wants you to care. Very selfish trait.

    -He's probably trying to find a way to break you 2 up so he can get together with some girl he met from away.

    -Or maybe some family issues.

    Sometimes people say something and don't fully mean it.
    You still haven't given any detail on what your relation was like, or what disagreement you had.

  • In my opinion and experience he's is losing interest, you have to step back and re-evaluate what needs to happen to make the relationship better sometimes couples just need to be apart

  • did u had any argument recently?

  • It could be several reasons that he is acting like that, family issues or something personal about himself. Confront him about his feelings and get him to talk, men normally don't like to express what they feel maybe he is feeling insecure and thinks you have lost interest in him.