Guy I've been dating for 8 months isn't over his ex of 8 years, what should I do?

We've been dating for 8 months.Ex of 8 years left him 3 years ago and he still hasn't moved on.I believe he still hasn't moved on because of the rejection and hurt it caused him not because he actually loves her.And now he's emotionally closed off in the relationship with me,his heart is closed off and he can't truly and fully commit and have feelings for me in our relationship.Its so frustrating because I can tell that he really likes me but probably doesn't love me because he still hasn't moved on from his past.I don't know what to do:(I love him but I want to feel loved and he hasn't given that to me.Would breaking up with him maybe help him realize that he does have feelings for me and that he took me for granted.what should I do guys?:(((((


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  • You can't make some one stop loving someone else , any more than you can make them love you. In all honesty it is in your best interest to just let him go and move on. Sorry young Lady I don't have anything better for you


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  • I think it's best to end it before putting yourself through a lot of hurt... he's only doing to you what his ex did to him... id end it now before he makes you wish you wouldn't date a single guy again, the fact he's still not over his ex from 3 years ago shows he's gone into quite a deep depression over her with how sad e still seems to be over it, you can never have a proper relationship when he can't get over his ex... he needs to talk to someone to help him through it. I used to talk to a guy who got the same way, he sad he went into a very deep depression over an ex, he got worse so he had to go see somebody about it, if he doesn't get this in check he's going to keep dragging himself down over it plus dragging you down with him.