What would you do in this situation?

I've liked this girl for the longest time ever, last year I got the nerve to tell her how I felt but I could tell she didn't like me back it was like a friendzone, but either way we talked...a lot. Its one of those people you can talk and be yourself and just feel comfortable. Well shit happened I ended up dating her friend... we broke up, I still have I thing for her but my ex is getting in the way now. Thing is we talk regularly at school, I walk with her to classes, she comes to my after school games sometimes AND I don't know MAN. what do I do. Is this just a friend thing and that's all it'll ever be?


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  • I would suggest not to get your hopes up and try to be away from her cause that will probably be healthier for you


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  • Good... good you have her attention now make her jealous by talking/flirting with other girls and act uninterested in her soon she'll think in her mind was a mistake to not like you and will soon start wanting you