Can hot girls like nerdy men?

I like to look at the hot girls at school. You know, the ones who are very good looking, great bodies, you know just all around good. Now I am a nerdy type, I spend most of my time on my computer or playing some video games. I don't have the six pack body or the skinny type, but I'm still a tad big. Can the hot girls who seem to go after those muscular and gangster type guys ever go out for a guy like me?


Most Helpful Guy

  • NO GIRL IS ABOVE YOU! GO FOR WHATEVER YOU WANT! I hate when people think... "oh no she's so hott I'm wayy out of her league!" FUCK THAT YOU ARE NOT! She is a human being just like you are, she is not above you or under you, she is equal to who you are! You might have to try a lot harder than other guys, but who cares, if you want it that much more then GO GET IT! Nothing is easy and girls are sure as hell not easy to get. Girls like all kinds of guys, don't you ever categorize yourself as someone lower because you aren't lower than some hot girl. Work on your body, your hair, abs, workout, read more books, go out and hit on girls, do whatever you can to just become the biggest stud ever, every guy is capable of this, but most see a hot girl and think that they can't get her because other people have put them down in the past. Change stuff of what you look like and how you word stuff when talking to girls, be familiar with body language and remember curtain things not to say and what to say to a girl. This all comes with experience and I'm guessing you don't have any at the moment, SO GO GET IT! Get a job, buy a cool ass car, get some money, buy new clothes, do whatever you can.