Can hot girls like nerdy men?

I like to look at the hot girls at school. You know, the ones who are very good looking, great bodies, you know just all around good. Now I am a nerdy type, I spend most of my time on my computer or playing some video games. I don't have the six pack body or the skinny type, but I'm still a tad big. Can the hot girls who seem to go after those muscular and gangster type guys ever go out for a guy like me?


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  • NO GIRL IS ABOVE YOU! GO FOR WHATEVER YOU WANT! I hate when people think... "oh no she's so hott I'm wayy out of her league!" FUCK THAT YOU ARE NOT! She is a human being just like you are, she is not above you or under you, she is equal to who you are! You might have to try a lot harder than other guys, but who cares, if you want it that much more then GO GET IT! Nothing is easy and girls are sure as hell not easy to get. Girls like all kinds of guys, don't you ever categorize yourself as someone lower because you aren't lower than some hot girl. Work on your body, your hair, abs, workout, read more books, go out and hit on girls, do whatever you can to just become the biggest stud ever, every guy is capable of this, but most see a hot girl and think that they can't get her because other people have put them down in the past. Change stuff of what you look like and how you word stuff when talking to girls, be familiar with body language and remember curtain things not to say and what to say to a girl. This all comes with experience and I'm guessing you don't have any at the moment, SO GO GET IT! Get a job, buy a cool ass car, get some money, buy new clothes, do whatever you can.


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  • In your age range not likely, but if your nerdiness equates to you doing real well in college and ending up with a great career, then later you would be fine. However, any person who is a nerd because they sit on their computer all the time playing games and otherwise don't have a social life are not going to get that far with a hot girl. Hot girls, at least the flashy ones that catch your eye, like to go out and be seen, not sit at home with a guy on the computer.

  • not going to lie. but if you're looking at tha 8 or 9/10 girls. they wont. because why would they if they can get men eating out of their hands. chances are their personalities will be a tad limiting as well (with the f in rare exception). considering you claim yourself to be a nerd, I consider that you have a brain and that you do not want to get played or hurt. go for a girl who is slightly less hot but has more substance, as beauty is not forever. intellectual attraction goes further than physical. but if you're in for the ride and the root, to get a hot hot hot girl, you need to buff up a little. because shallow girls look at men in a shallow way. don't say I didn't warn you. think about it? is it really worth it.

    • I see where your coming from and I'm not looking for that 8 or 9 out of 10 girl. its just hard to find that one girl who has both the beautifulness and the brains. I mean today most, not all, girls think about is sex this and sex that. What I'm looking for is a girl who respects herself and thinks better than prostitutes you see on the streets

    • Then you're not looking for the conventional 'hot girl'. my best tip is look around in your friend circles, there will be many respectable girls there. instead of looking at the megan foxes at your school (cause people look but don't touch for a reason and megan fox is a perfect analogy :P) .... and look at people who actually have hobbies similar to you. such as through any external to school activities. but to attract a hot girl, you need to look around the same hotness level as well.

  • Hell yeah honey! I am one of them! But keep in mind that the hot girls you see going after the "gangster muscular dudes" are NOT the hot girl you want anyway. There does exist the hot girl like myself who will play video games better than you do!

    I think maybe in your age range right now they will be few and far between because unfortunately those girls are... well just that... girls. As they get older and realize that they can't hold and intelligent conversation with the "gangster muscular" type they will be hunting for you. Just stay who your are and work a bit on being more healthy. Learn more, become smarter! The smarter the better!

    I believe I fall into the 9-10 category. I have a great body, a great face, and perfect hair... yes, I am very picky about my appearance but no matter how good looking a man is, if he is dumb as a rock, it's a complete TURN OFF! Sure I have met men who are very attractive AND very smart but it wouldn't matter if they were hot.

    For example, I once met a guy who was VERY good looking but way really turned off by him because he acted kinda dumb so therefore found him unattractive but later when I got to talk to him more I found out that he was just shy and acted goofy because of it, turns out he was into science and astronomy. BIG TURN ON!

    I did an immediate 180 and found him to be VERY sexy! He would sit and talk to me about how big the smallest star was and the gravity of they're mass... *sigh*... Another guy I was with a long time ago could speak fluent Russian... *sigh*...

    Also I read a Maxim with Milia Jojovich and she is a confessed nerd lover. So, yes, nerds are hot! Screw those "gangster" types, they are soooo gross! I prefer my men NOT to look like they took a crap in they're pants and have to hold them up to walk properly!

    Just a little side note, and I do love this word, people like me are called Sapiosexual. Look that up... it will make your day. Just remember that you are young and so are those "little girls" when they grow up and your excelling in life they will want YOU! Oh, one more thing, DON'T BECOME A EGO ASSHOLE! Just because your smart doesn't mean you have leave to be a d*** and think your better than everyone! Be yourself, be polite, be nice and be smart and it will get your far in life.

    By the way... I married the NERD!

  • rarely to be honest.

    why do guys like girls that are clearly out of their league when there are probably nerdy girls that are interested in you but you won't give them a chance because you look at the hot girls?why do guys feel like they are entitled to beautiful women if they are not going to put any effort into their own image? be realistic.

    hot girls are hot because they want to have the best pick of guys. they don't spend all that time and effort looking good just to date a nerdy guy I'm sorry. what is wrong with nerdy girls?

    • Well most nerdy girls I've dated, didn't get the meaning of hygiene, I dated a few that weren't ugly or hot, but they stunk, on hot days at lunch I could smell them from five feet away. And last time I checked that's a turn off doesn't matter if your a guy or girl.

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  • I've spent most of my life dating hot girls who like nerdy men! So yeah, they exist. Many of them are nerds themselves. I know a few doctors, lawyers, and mathematicians who are totally gorgeous. I even dated someone who's now a college professor. She looked kind of like this:


    A few caveats: Most of the girls I know don't like guys who spend *all* their free time in front of the computer and/or video games. Nerdiness is often better when balanced with a little bit of not-nerdiness. (There are exceptions, of course.) Also, hot-girls-who-like-nerds tend to be hard to find in high school, easier to find in college, and much easier to find in graduate/professional school. So don't get too discouraged. Keep your grades up, do some sit-ups, and join an anime club or astronomy study group or something. No, seriously. I'm not kidding.

  • Unlikely at your age. That seems to change after the college years. However, I have noticed that the hot girls who aren't bitches love having nerdy guys as friends. My advice to you, try to find a hot girl who's actually nice and try to become friends with her, she may have friends she can introduce you to.

  • I just wanted to say I find the difference of opinion between the guys and the girls here absolutely fascinating. The girls are actually feeding you defeatist advice encouraging you to have limiting beliefs and to date someone you clearly don't want whereas the guys are encouraging you to take life by the balls and own it!

    Guess which way is the proven method.

    I think it's a no brainer.

  • hi for all

  • I think that anyone worth dating is a bit nerdy in their own right. I would say nerdy = unique, which is what gives everyone personality. Being intelligent is also what brings the $$ in the future. So instead of being insecure about the fact that Princess Bride (not Gladiator) is your favorite movie, man up and be confident about it. Personally, I would channel video game time toward something else, but that doesn't have to be the weights. Just be yourself and be confident in it.

    • Evangeline Lilly is hot as hell and dates one of the Hobbits from LOTR who is not very good looking.... Christina Auglerra married a not very good looking guy..... the list goes on .

      Only "Girls" are into "Boys".... Woman are into Men... but you're still a Boy that has to deal with Girls.