She wants to come over to my house?

There is this girl that I like and she likes me back. She is a straight A student and I am also a straight A student and both of us would like to be doctors. We have been on some dates and she has said she wants to come over to my house and I would like for that to happen. That being said, I have a brother that is a drug addict living in my house and he is in trouble with the law frequently. He also tends to bring over the wrong crowd and fights break out on a regular basis. As a result, the house is a complete disaster. My parents have tried to get him out of the house, but since he is 17, they are responsible for him until he turns 18. What should I do as I really do not want to introduce here to this environment?


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  • do you not have anyone else that you guys can go there be casual like a Aunt house or something of that nature? How close are you with your brother because even though he is a drug addict like you say he still your brother so you could tell them hey are girls coming over I need you not to be a d******* today and see how that goes.


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  • How close are you? Are you comfortable being honest and explaining the situation? You both sound reasonable and like she would understand.