I'm done with guys.

Maybe I'll just start looking for a girlfriend.

Not for sexual purposes but someone who I can confide in, cause guys just DON'T GET IT.


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  • Everything is based off perception, and there are only a few people in the world that even "claim" to read minds. Without communicating, there isn't a man or woman alive that can give you everything you need emotionally.

    We all have different innate desires that need to be fulfilled in our lifetime. I would suggest talking with the person that has upset you. You will be suprised on how they respond- if they are an ass, they always will be and will probably show their immature side. If they are the sweet / sensitive guy, they won't know what to do- but they will be willing to listen.

    Either way, you and I both know that you are only venting - there is no reason to give up on a certain sex because of a few examples. When you realise the bigger picture, there are people that care enormously and can definately understand your situation.

    Look for a different group of guys, possibly the group you are looking at currently is still in the mindset of "party hardy"

    Best regards,



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  • I agree a lot of guys can be pretty self-centred and non-caring of anyone else but themselves, which happens to be why I'm not friends with any guys who I know are like that, which funnily enough only leaves me with my gay friends and girls... I don't know how many guys feel the same as me though, although I don't think finding a guy who isn't entirely self-centred is discountable.

  • I think your being over dramatic. A few bad eggs shouldn't stifle your entire outlook on dating.

  • What don't guys get?

    • Lol. you just proved her point.

    • I disagree. She had no point. Guys don't get "it" is vague, undefined and meaningless. It's not my responsibility to interpret every vague feminine comment ... oh! I think I'm onto something about her!

  • ya you should

  • Girls just "DON'T GET IT".


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