What Do You Think Of This Guys To Send To A Guy I Have Feelings For?

So There's this guy I am Into I have strong feelings for him, I wanted to send him a text to cheer him up, I didn't hear from him for 6 days he's got some problems going on with work, and has been feeling down with them, and he tends to close himself off when he's upset about things, I sent him a picture the other day a teddy and it said thinking of you, he replied today said, thanks darling, first off do you think it sounds like he is still into me?

Anyway the message I was going to send

Good Morning Sunshine
Just To Let You Know Someone Is Thinking Of You
I hope you're day is as amazing as you are!!!

Is too full on would it scare you off guys? Is it putting pressure on him


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  • Very sweet! Say his name rather than sunshine and just say you hope his day is amazing not the amazing as you are bit

    • Do you think its too much?

    • Or how about this one

      I am the smile that has come over to brighten up you're day

  • I think it's cute, although I wouldn't write sunshine.

    • what would you write instead?

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    • Or this one

      I am the smile that has come over to brighten up you're day

    • It's a bit too cheesy and when it is cheesy it often tends to sound insincere. Try to just say something sweet without overdoing it.
      For example:
      "Hi *name*, I know you've been down so I just wanted to say that I think you're amazing ^^
      Have a great day."

      That is what I would have written.