Am I being strung along?

I have been dating this guy for 4 months. We go to the same college, I'm graduating in May and he graduates in the fall. We are exclusively dating, but he has commitment problems because of his last relationship which left him heartbroken. He mentions how he can't predict the future and what will happen, which is why he doesn't want a commitment. But my argument is that nobody can predict the future, people who are boyfriend and girlfriend, fiances, etc. Do not know what tomorrow holds, BUT they can act like it and plan their lives accordingly. He says we will date through the summer but he can't predict what will happen in September, and we also have further grad schools ahead of us. (both of us are applying to places this year). We have had arguments over this because I tell him I don't want to be strung along, and he says I'm not, so what exactly are his intentions if he doesn't want to commit to me? I told him he was basically putting an expiration date on it and he said that wasn't true and that it was me doing that. What do you think?


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  • Well... if you want commitment from him bu he doesn't, then there's not point in the two of you dating anymore, because you have completely different expectations from each other and the relationship.


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  • Whats the point in your relationship? You might, as well, be just friends then.