Why men put their profile on a dating site even though they are in a relationship?

I met a guy(now is my boyfriend) online a year ago, and we chat online often, we met in person a few times, and recently we move in together about a month ago, I found out he sign up in some kind of dating site, I went in the site I saw his profile with pictures and descriptions , I asked him are you looking for other girl? He said to me no, you are the one I wanted to be with , and I love you.. I was up set about this , am I not his type? So why he has profile on dating site?


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  • Okay anon answer because I am in a long term relationship (not a happy one but there's kids involved so I suffer in silence). I've put my profile up on a few sites because I'm not happy with my relationship and I want more. That's an emotional and sexual more but for many guys it is just the sex; now this guy might really like you but you're not fullfilling him in some way, he may have gotten involved with you and be looking for an exit strategy/back-up plan...I don't know.

    The very fact that he has an online dating profile though means there IS something wrong and you need to confront him and not take any BS answers...ask him about the bedroom, are you not doing it enough, not doing something he likes and needs...ask him about your relationship, tell him to be honest, are things working for him...do you need to change something...

    But most of all, treat anything he says with a critcal ear - I'm "straying" 15+ years into a relationship...1 year in you should still be all hearts and flowers. Good luck - hope it works out for the best...you look far too good to have to put up with crap ;)

    • This isn't anon.

      As someone who's been on the other end, please do your wife/gf a favor and end your relationship OR fix it. If you are that unhappy, she probably is too.


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  • He wants to keep the possibility of meeting other girls open or at least the excitement of meeting new potential mates.

    From his answer, sounds like he dodged the question completely.


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  • I'm curious about this too...I've met and dated guys from online who still had their profiles...I don't understand it either

  • come on! theyre only a dating site because they want to cheat on you. at the very least he's considering his options in case something "better" comes along. dump him!

  • he is looking for other options. I would get out now. this guy just signed up for a dating site. people don't sign up for dating sites for no reason hun come on now. he is looking for other women, that's your choice if you wanna be with someone like that. if he's not cheating now he will if/when he gets the chance.