He hasn't called :(

I was seeing a guy for 2 weeks before he had to go away for work for 2 weeks; we had been seeing each other pretty much every day which was mostly initiated by him. On leaving he said via text that he'd see me in a couple of weeks. Whilst he has been at work there has been zero contact as the region he is in is remote... he was supposed to be back first thing this morning but I haven't heard from him at all. Am I being paranoid in taking this as a bad sign? Do you think he will call?


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  • Does he work on the mines? If so he would have been working 12h hour days 14 days straight he is probly just dead tired, I know I am when I get back from a 2 week stint. Just give him a day or two to rest up. If he is a man of his word he'll call.

  • Yeah, I'd say he will... It's probably he's tired as hell after getting back from something like that. Don't worry too much about it. Also it could have been longer than 2 weeks, he said a couple of weeks, and his flight could have been cancelled/delayed etc... Wait for a day or two at least...


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