He said he will be keen for a date once he gets over his split from his ex?

Will he ever hit me up? I tried and got rejected. I met a guy through a manager at work... It's his friend... I only chatted to him briefly but he was really nice and cute and I like him 😊
After that I asked the manager who his cute friend was... And he said that he asked about me too and said I was hot.
So I added him on fb and we have been sending messages back and forth.
Anyways I asked him if he wanted to catch up for a drink sometime and he told me that he is keen but now right now... Cos he just went through a messy breakup so he just wants some alone time and time with his mates... He said he would like to when he isn't "all over the place" and that he will contact me when he feels ready...

I I just feel embarrassed and a bit silly :/
shoudl I feel dumb?

Will he he ever contact me or not? It could take years to get over a breakup. At least he rejected me nicely


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  • Shouldn't feel dumb at all, that took courage, at least he was honest with you & didn't just try to get in you're pants.

    This should indicate he has depth a lot of guys lack. Guys who invest a lot into a relationship takes time to recover.

    I would suggest being his friend. If it grows into something more, great. If not, you gained a good friend. Try not to have expectations.

  • Just wait it out, go on about your life and see if you can just be friend for him right now. If you really like him just try to maintain a respectful distance. When's he's ready if ever he'll have seen you in a good light.


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  • I don't think you should feel dumb at all. I tried dating a guy after his messy break up and I could tell he was still hung up on her, so it ruined any chances. I wish we waited a bit before dating. So, I would wait a bit. Maybe casually message him once in a while, but not too much. This way he can maybe feel more comfortable with you during this stage and will hopefully be ready to date you later. :)

  • Move on. You'll end up being rebound.