What to reply if a guy asks you what you want to do with them on the weekend?

I told him that he's mine for the weekend. So he asked me what I want to do with him over the weekend? What must I answer? I want an interesting, come back for more answer. I'm sooooooo in love with this guy.!

We went on a few dinner dates and clubs. I just want to see him this weekend. So I want an interesting answer


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  • just go hangout with him, do something fun, eat good food, maybe dance a bit, play some games, then go home together and watch a nice movie or something, pour out the wine or whatever, see what transpires.


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  • tell him whatever it is that you wanna do. I usually suggest going downtown to dinner and a bar.

    I like to suggest public dates first just to make sure he isn't the lazy type whos only after me to "come over and chill"

  • He wants a sexual answer. Describe that to him.