Do you feel better/have less fights when you're SO doesn't have friends of the other sex?

Especially on social media?

  • Yes and I think it's perfectly fine to ask that
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  • No but I think it's okay to ask that
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  • Yes but that's not right to ask
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  • No and that's wrong to ask for
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  • If you're gonna try to dictate who your partner is allowed to be friends with, prepare to be dumped very quickly.

    If a guy wants to cheat, he'll do it regardless of his social circle. Stopping him from having female friends does not prevent infidelity, it only postpones it.

    • What if your SO's friends are needy and get jealous about you and your SO?

    • They're welcome to be as jealous as they want. Doesn't affect me. I trust my partner 100%.

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  • Honestly I could care less if the lady I am dating has 1 male friend or a thousand I wouldn't be with her if I didn't feel I could trust her.

  • I don't have many guy friends in fact I only have 2 guy friends and 11 girl friends and if my gf dictates who I can hang out with, then that'll be a boring life.

  • Doesn't matter, if something's up I would notice quick enough & drop her like a bad habit. Trust is essential in a relationship, along with good communication.