Did I do something wrong?

Okay so this past Wednesday my crush and I came to school and we had to sit in different places. So we were kinda across from each other. Keep in mind I like my crush, and he also likes me back. He was staring at me the whole day and kept making all these faces at me and calling my name for funny reasons. Then on the bus he kept saying I looked like Beyonce and he kept touching my thigh a lot. Basically, we were just flirting on the whole bus ride home. Then came Thursday. So I come to find out my friend asked him If he still liked me and he said not anymore. And my friend was like, "She likes you." And then he said, "How could she like me when I'm so abusive to her?" -In a funny way because he is always teasing me. So did I do something wrong? How could it be that Wednesday he likes me, then overnight he decides he doesn't? I don't understand.


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  • Maybe he felt bad about his behaviours towards to you..
    Or he regretted or he has serious problems :)


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  • yes u diiiiiiiiiiiiid

  • He might feel bad for the way he acted or was testing your dignity.


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